Psychotherapy: are you on the right track?

Many people spend months or years in some form of counseling or psychotherapy and yet feel no better and function no better. Therapy and/or medication have not been therapeutic for them. Some never even get started or know where to begin yet procrastinate in pain.

Truthfully, no form of therapy is likely to help if you are not on the right track; have insight into the origin of symptoms and dysfunction especially when engaged in self-destructive behavior.

In fact, it is all self-destructive if your condition is static.

Dr. Rappaport has been successfully treating patients with mostly psychotherapy and at times medications in many venues both as out-patients and in-patients, individually and in groups. 

His expertise is the ability to quickly detect the essence of an individual’s psychopathology and consequently he is proficient at directing his client to the right track to pursue in their treatment…. no matter what type of treatment they are in or for how long.

The pursuit of this knowledge is accomplished in 1-2 sessions of EVALUATION by Dr. Rappaport and the psychological 2nd opinion feed-back given in these sessions. This limited consultation is available by appointment only, can be arranged to take place in person or on SKYPE, is not likely covered by insurance.

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