“The Corporate Doctor”

The ultimate in human resource, providing corporate consultation and evaluation services for employee issues affecting your business.

Dr. Rappaport, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry with the University of California, San Diego, has over 50 years of clinical experience. He provides your human resource department or assists your EAP with his expertise in dealing with employee issues beyond the usual problems that face the business world today. On-site corporate consulting evaluations are conducted within your corporate setting, which are in-depth and from the perspective of a highly skilled, analytically-oriented forensic psychiatrist. Following the evaluations, a solution is offered with recommendation for disposition as well as for prevention.

Issues That Require Intervention

Protect Time, Lives, Productivity, and Your Investment of Millions of Dollars – An enormously cost-effective resource.

  • Violence in the Workplace
    Angry/sick employees who sabotage, tamper, kill. Threatening employees require evaluation before they “explode.”
  • Crises
    Takeovers, financial downturns, terminations, layoffs, geographical moves, and management changes are all potential precipitants of employee unrest, inappropriate terminations, passive-aggressive behavior, misplaced complaints, and revengeful lawsuits.
  • Trouble-Shooting
    Personal friction interferes with the working group.  Antagonizing of colleagues causes work failure and/or loss of employees. Diagnosis of the causative element, restitution of good working relationships, and optimum production follow timely evaluations.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
    Cause loss of time, loss of money, loss of profits, loss of valuable personnel with experience, and increase in workers’ compensation costs.  All can be decreased or eliminated with evaluation, treatment, and training of supervisors as to management of the troubled employee.
  • Executive Evaluations
    Moves, geographically or through promotions, require careful, correct screening and predictability for success. A classical interview to assess appropriateness of changes and how they might affect the overall company success, reduces or prevents problems.
  • On Trial
    The corporation is often the deep pocket and defendant in workers’ compensation, personal injury, product liability, wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment cases requiring expert witnesses familiar with the work environment. Protecting your rights requires mediation and preparedness for prevention – or expect testimony.

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