Dr. Rappaport, here is the statement of decision if you would like to take a look.  The judge ended up applying the higher standard for testamentary capacity (Probate Code 810-812), but still nonetheless found that Dr. P had capacity to create the trust amendment.  Your testimony is cited in a number of places, and she definitely favored your opinion over Dr. Trader’s.  In my opinion, you came off as much more candid than he did.  It was apparent that he believed that Dr. P  understood what he was doing, but still offered the opinion the other side paid him for on a half-baked theory that Dr. P was suffering from delusions.

Thank you very much for your help in this case!

Best Regards,

Justin M. Kincheloe, Esq.
Max Alavi, Attorney at Law, APC

Justin M. Kincheloe, Esq.

I have just read your report cover to cover and cannot thank you enough for the amazingly thorough job you have done. I have scanned and emailed the report to my clients and I am sure that they will be as appreciative as I am of all of your hard work.  The detail and explanations of the diagnoses are particularly helpful and really paint the big picture of an incredibly troubled person.  Again, thank you very much!

Yvonne M. Rizzo, Esq. | CFLS

My client was a plaintiff in a protracted hostile litigation where the defendant refused to engage in good faith settlement negotiations or make any offers for settlement of the case over the course of two years.  At mediation, the defense again contested [Plaintiff's] emotional distress claims, balked at paying anything in damages, and initially, offered her nothing.   The Mediatior asked what we had in writing to support [Plaintiff's] claims for emotional distress...  After reviewing your thoughtful, well-prepared and professionally presented report, the entire tone of the mediation shifted.  The defense agreed to settle [Plaintiff's] claims for a substantial amount of money.  The Mediator attributed our ability to settle the case in large part to [Plaintiff's] readiness and preparation, including her exhibits, and cited your report as particularly persuasive...  It definitely made a difference and played an important role in our ability to settle the case.

Michaela C. Curran, Attorney at Law

"The purpose of this letter, though, is to let you know the jurors' reaction to you. After the jurors had rendered their defense verdict in favor of my client, I had an opportunity to interview them regarding the case. The jurors were favorably impressed by your testimony, and considered you to be well prepared, easily understood and professional. They were also complimentary of your ability to remain cool under cross-examination and to explain with examples your conclusions and opinions. Obviously, this was an important case for our client with substantial potential exposure had an adverse verdict been reached. One of the key prongs of the defense we presented was based on your opinions and testimony, and, as the comments of jurors bear out, those opinions and testimony were convincing and relevant."

Curtis D. Parvin – Sedqwick, Detert, Moran and Arnold

"We did receive your report in time to utilize it at the Mandatory Settlement Conference. We were impressed with its breadth and thoroughness, and believe that it assisted in reaching a settlement in this case. We appreciate your time and professionalism in assisting us in this manner."

Daniel P. Martz – Tuverson and Hillyard

"...the plaintiff, was willing to settle for this minimal amount due in no small part to your involvement in the case. It was the prospect of having to rebut your opinions and to listen to your expert testimony that really seemed to turn the tide toward settlement. I have appreciated working with you and look forward to renewing this relationship."

Leland D. Sterling – Sterling and Sterling

"Pursuant to this letter, I wish to thank you for your most professional courtesy and cooperation throughout the handling of this case, and your expertise which did assist in the favorable end product."

John J. Higgins – Knapp, Peterson and Clarke

"Dr. Rappaport skillfully organized his talk to include both Civil and Criminal aspects of psychiatry and, to the appreciation of the audience, used easily understood terms and words in his address. He described the importance of the psychiatric evaluation, his relationship to the retaining attorney, and his approach to the patient. He offered a wealth of examples from the cases, over 2000 and counting, that he's worked on in 6 states."


Forensic Consultants Assoc. – Orange County

"Thank you for your help on this case.  We received a defense verdict today after an hour and fifteen minutes of deliberation.  The judge and members of the jury thought you were very effective.  A couple of jurors found your thoughts about the lack of hospitalization and PTSD especially persuasive.  We are thrilled with the result.  Thank you. "


Oswald Cousins – Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliff

I am in receipt of your report for M.K. It is outstanding and just the news we needed to hear!! Thank you again for your efforts. I have also referred another attorney to you for purposes of issues surrounding emotional distress regarding a real estate transaction.

Brian M. Malloy
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